Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

It’s clear to see why AISG is the best choice for real-time, High-Definition videoconferencing.

FULL HD Video & Audio.
Full HD video and 360° audio allows for exceptional clarity and sound quality – see and hear your colleagues across the country as if they were right across the table.

Total Flexibility & Mobility.
Link multiple locations, with additional handhelds and mobile cameras at each site. Plus, our customizable set up lets you design a system that’s perfect for you.

Lower Bandwidth.
Full HD video even down to 3 Mbps, allowing for more cost-effective use of bandwidth. Other systems require 6 Mbps for HD resolution.

When you can see there, you don’t have to be there.

Our Video Conferencing service lets you share key information in exceptional detail, in real-time, high-definition video and full 360-degree audio.

That means:

  • Faster decision making. Teams connect instantly, answers come fast. Key decisions are not left “up in the air” as colleagues travel for on-site meetings.
  • Higher productivity. More gets done when you’re in the office instead of at the airport.
  • A smaller “carbon footprint” for your company. You have all the advantages of a face-to-face meeting PLUS a leaner, greener look for your company.
  • More face-time with the family. Instead of catching flights, you’re catching more soccer games and spending more time with the people who matter most.
  • Medical. Speed diagnoses with instant access to remote experts for medical consultations.
  • Manufacturing. Support design collaboration and monitor production in real time.
  • Small Business. Connect via HD videoconferencing for meetings or training seminars. Gain a competitive edge in
    bidding for government or commercial contracts that require a “greener” company profile.
  • Education. Distance learning becomes a reality for K-12 and higher education classrooms. Remote guest speakers
    or sharing between schools enhances the learning experience.

To learn more about the AISG videoconferencing, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact your representative at

Download our Video Conferencing Brochure.