Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX

Communication Has Never Been More

What if you could choose where your phone rings – at your office, on your mobile, even a hotel phone or combination of those in a defined order?

How nice would it be to receive your voice mail messages via email when you’re on the go? And weather – wouldn’t it be a relief if your office number still worked even if the power went out? What if you could hold an impromptu conference call with no hassle?

What if you could actually afford all of these features and so many more?

Now you can with AISG Virtual PBX.

With our Virtual PBX solution, advanced business technology is accessible and affordable. Our feature-rich solution delivered over a high-speed Internet connection reaches beyond a basic phone with traditional calling features to a complete unified messaging solution across devices, offering unification of voice and email on top of call management and extensive calling features that can be managed from anywhere.

And the best part? As a hosted solution, there is no purchase of expensive hardware or upgrade costs. No equipment to maintain or troubleshoot.

An affordable monthly fee includes Cisco phone options in addition to a wide range of extensive features and functionality once available only to Fortune 500s. AISG hosts and manages the technology while you enjoy the benefits our solution brings to your business.

AISG’s Virtual PBX solution harnesses the power of communication and real-time information to create a faster, more productive, more connected workplace – via the Cloud.

Benefits of Virtual PBX:

  • COST EFFECTIVE with affordable monthly rates and no equipment or maintenance costs
  • EASY TO USE online portal to manage features from anywhere
  • FEATURE-RICH with advanced functionality for increased productivity
  • FLEXIBLE management of phone system across locations and the ability to work from wherever needed
  • SCALABLE solution easily grows or shrinks to support your changing needs

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