Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

What Happens When Your Server Won’t?

Or you have a major power failure? What if that “backup” never actually backed-up at all?

Let’s face it – things happen. And when it comes to your data and critical business applications, those things can be devastating. For small and medium-sized businesses, an IT failure can destroy a business – through the inability to operate,failure to deliver a service or project, a massive hit to the reputation and, ultimately, the loss of customers.

Business continuity in the face of a disaster sounds complex and costly but it doesn’t have to be. Traditional approaches to business continuity and disaster recovery lack the flexibility and efficiency of virtualization, requiring manual time-consuming backup and restoral processes or complex server failover configurations.

With AISG’s Disaster Recovery solution, your data is housed in the AISG virtual environment, a high-performance and reliable environment powered by an industry-leading infrastructure composed of Cisco,NetApp, and VMware technologies, and backed up every night.

With ease, AISG can mirror your testing, and then shut it back down – until you need it again. And when or if … well, when you need it again, it can be up within a few hours. Guaranteed.

With a Cloud-based disaster recovery solution, small and medium-sized businesses can have the same disaster recovery reliability and robustness larger companies already enjoy. There is no reason why your business should not be able to verify the integrity of your data and quickly access your business-critical data and applications in the event of the unexpected.

Finding out your backups weren’t working after you tried to restore data – that’s a disaster you can avoid.

Benefits of Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

  • Protect against natural disaster, power loss, human error or equipment failure.
  • Enable rapid restart of applications at an alternative site.
  • Reduce complexity of configuration management for backup data and systems.
  • Cut capital costs of disaster recovery provision.
  • Allow core processes of a business to be executed from anywhere.

Download the Disaster Recovery Brochure.