Retirement Incentive

Retirement Incentive

How much more income could you generate if you had an option that paid you a lump sum when the time was right?  AISG Retirement Incentive is an industry first program where AISG Agents can receive a lump buyout payment on the value of their annual commissions when the time is right, like retirement.  A perfect exit strategy option for Agents.

Setting New Standards

AISG Retirement Incentive is the only Agent exit strategy solution in the industry that provides you exciting options to enjoy the rewards of your hard work by paying you 1½ times your annual commission value.

Why Choose the Retirement Incentive

  • Guaranteed lump cash for a new house, car or college tuition.
  • Protect against the future of Social Security, 401k, IRAs or other accounts to meet emergencies.
  • Guaranteed income to guard against carrier, master agent or customer terminations.
  • Diversify and combine the security of monthly payments with the flexibility of a lump sum payment when you need it.


If you averaged $20,000 in AISG monthly commissions, our Retirement Incentive program gives you the option to request a one-time lump sum payment of $360,000 ($20,000 commission x previous 12 months average x 150%) in month 13 versus receiving future monthly payments.

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