Become a Master Agent

Become a Master Agent

AISG “Top Pay” Agent Program: 20% residuals with NO commitments, Full Bonus, EVERGREEEN!

AISG® is a Carrier’s Carrier. We are a Tier 1 Business to Business services provider that delivers critical Business and Cloud communication solutions nationally through our own facilities with competitive SLAs, better pricing and award winning customer support. A fast growing business with an amazing new option to customers and we are seeking select new agents to join us!

Program Benefits

  • NO contract sales commitments
  • 20% Residuals and 100% bonuses
  • Long term income with a trusted EVERGREEN clause
  • Be far more competitive with our broad solutions
  • Strengthen your customer relationships with our Tier 1 solutions and huge savings
  • Win more business and have better customer success with AISG!

“We feel that AISG’s agent program is unbelievable. We can offer our customers any top solution, get the strongest price and get the best commissions without all the channel program risks. This makes it easy to win with them. They understand how to work with Agents and our trust in them is high. Money in the bank.” - Michael Perry, Owner, Nashville Business Solutions LLC

Top Pay Agent Program: Industry Leading Communications Solutions

As an AISG Agent, your customers have access to the solutions they need to drive efficiencies for their businesses, ranging from stand-alone voice and data services to comprehensive integrated communications bundles.

  • Integrated voice, data and Internet access – dynamic/ channelized/PRI options
  • Integrated T-1 bundled with an IP-based phone system, desk top terminals and eco-friendly multifunction printers – no capital expenditure required
  • Internet – e-mail, IP addresses, firewall and Ethernet access available
  • Long distance and toll free – domestic and international
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) – available with integrated voice or stand alone
  • Conferencing services – voice and web-based
  • Cloud solutions – backup, hosted PBX, support and more

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