AISG delivers the healthcare technology and IT solutions healthcare providers need to meet these objectives. We offer IT, security, communications, and network solutions enabling healthcare providers to be responsive to patients, better share critical data, safeguard patient privacy, increase operational efficiency and improve clinical health outcomes.


Premium Cloud solutions:

Virtual Servers - Centralize your data/applications are in a protected space, accessible anywhere.  Save on expensive equipment, maintenance and management.

Disaster Recovery - Ensure you data/applications are backed up, ready to go live if a disaster occurs.  Protect your business health.

Video Conferencing - Virtual meetings from anywhere, with any device.  Simple, cost effective and productive.

Hosted PBX - High end business voice solutions with easy management of all features through any internet connection.  Save on expensive equipment, maintenance and management.

MPLS Networking Solutions

AISG’s MPLS Networking Solutions provide a secure connection for healthcare organizations, ensuring patient data transmission is in compliance with critical regulations such as HIPAA. Network remote and central locations together with the highest level of security while providing distributed access to patient records and other services. AISG’s networking solutions provide a robust, reliable platform for integrating voice, video, and Internet applications into the medical environment including electronic medical records, centralized messaging and voicemail, computerized physician order entry, and picture archiving and retrieval.

Dedicated Internet Connectivity

AISG offers various dedicated Internet connectivity options over our robust carrier-class IP network using T-1 hand-offs to deliver the reliable and secure connections necessary to support critical applications and ensure compliance with patient privacy regulations.

Ethernet Internet

AISG Ethernet Internet improves efficiencies in medical offices for accessing the Internet with fast and reliable dedicated Internet access over Ethernet to send large amounts of data to offsite storage and share patient data securely. Ethernet Internet offers affordable dedicated bandwidth that’s secure, easily scalable, and offers the plug-and-play simplicity of Ethernet.

Managed Network Security

Healthcare providers house large amounts of sensitive patient data, making them prime targets for identify theft. AISG’s managed security solutions provide scalable, comprehensive privacy protection for sensitive patient records against network-level and content-level threats without degrading performance of critical applications, network availability, or uptime. Our managed security platform offers unified threat management: stateful firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention/detection, secure remote access, web content filtering, and more.

Conferencing Solutions

Working in the medical industry involves a lot of communication with physicians, internal teams, vendors, and partners. We offer a full suite of audio and web conferencing services to ensure healthcare staff has the ability to collaborate with key resources in real-time for fast and accurate resolution to patient issues. Manage costs while improving patient care.

Equipment Solutions

From medical alarms and alerts, security compliance, to mobility solutions, AISG offers a vast array of customer premise equipment options that enables healthcare providers to improve patient care while managing costs. We have healthcare technology equipment solutions that enable faster and more accurate resolutions to patient issues, allow for collaboration with key resources in real-time, and allows access to critical information while meeting security compliance.