Benefits of Cloud Service Solutions

Benefits of Cloud Service Solutions

What is ‘cloud computing’?

Highly scalable computing resources provided as an external service via the internet.  Economically, the main appeal of cloud computing is that customers only use what they need, and only pay for what they actually use. Resources are available to be accessed from the cloud at any time, and from any location via the internet.

Simply purchase the IT service you require as you would any other utility. Because of this, cloud computing has also been called utility computing, or ‘IT on demand’.

This new, web-based generation of computing utilizes remote servers housed in highly secure data centers for data storage and management, so organizations no longer need to purchase and look after their IT solutions in-house.

AISG can help you with our Premium Cloud solutions:

Virtual Servers - Centralize your data/applications are in a protected space, accessible anywhere.  Save on expensive equipment, maintenance and management.

Disaster Recovery - Ensure you data/applications are backed up, ready to go live if a disaster occurs.  Protect your business health.

Video Conferencing - Virtual meetings from anywhere, with any device.  Simple, cost effective and productive.

Hosted PBX - High end business voice solutions with easy management of all features through any internet connection.  Save on expensive equipment, maintenance and management.

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