While automakers and automobile dealers share common goals, each faces different challenges.

Dealers are hesitant to invest in any technology that does not directly sell more cars, parts, or services. With tight competition keeping car margins low, there’s very little wiggle room for spending.

Automakers suffer trying to achieve efficient and dependable communications to support inventory management, reporting, and customer preferences. Since most dealerships are franchised, automakers cannot directly control their dealer’s infrastructure and systems.
Using a high-speed connection and equipment from Cisco Systems, AISG Dealer Solutions(SM) connects:

  • From the dealership’s sales-side to its service-side systems
  • From the dealership to the dealer management system
  • And then back to the automaker and/or auto group

To meet your individual needs, AISG can build a custom solution.

AISG Dealer Solutions address the concerns of both the automaker and the dealer, allowing dealers to focus on what they do best: selling and servicing automobiles